WE-BT16 Docs
WE-BT16 Chnagelog

v2.0.0 [Typescript Rewrite]


  • New Embeds for Moderation Commands
  • Better/Faster ColorCommand
  • Moved helpand pingcommands to Core
  • Moved botinfoto Core
  • Updated EmbedCommand
  • Rewrite of all Moderation Commands
  • Better Custom Prefix System
  • Updated Image Commands (Minor)
  • Minor Changes to the timerCommand
  • Moved to Typescript
  • New Database
  • Renamed clearto purge and added clear as an alias to purge


  • Added Core Category
  • Added GuildAvatarCommand


  • Removed datecommand
  • Removed addrolecommand
  • Removed hastebinCommand
  • Removed word-countCommand
  • Removed StatusCommand
  • Removed random.floorreplaced by random --round
  • Removed Broken roleinfoCommand
  • Removed Custom Commands (Will be added back someday)
  • Removed greenCommand (Discord No Longer Supports it)
  • Removed lagand killCommands
  • Removed Broken text-flipCommand