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Setup Guide
Setup Guide for WE-BT16

Getting Started

Start by inviting the Bot in the Invite Link Page, then run the ;help command to see the full list of commands.
Note: The help command may be outdated, there will be a new help command coming soon.

Custom Prefix and Mute Role Setup

The custom prefix and Mute Role Settings are out of Beta!
Mute Role
You can set a new prefix for WE-BT16 in one basic command:
;prefix <new prefix>
You can set a new Mute Role (Role to add when you mute someone) with one basic command
;muterole <new mute role name>
WE-BT16 is being updated, Check the Support Server for more Info, Custom Commands may not be supported at the start of the update.
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Getting Started
Custom Prefix and Mute Role Setup